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Posted by Rick Ramsey on March 01, 2015. 0 Comments

Hello everyone, things are moving along and sales are picking up. I have recently connected with an old friend and colleague from our dealership days. For those that know him, it is Henry Truong, for those that don't know him you should. He is a good guy, a loyal friend and a great salesman. He has been immersed in the BMW culture for many years first as a technician then through management. Henry will be the West Coast distributor for us [ along with handling his other commitments].                            The Compact double valve  spring compressor is being well received and one of the purchasers states he can easily do the valve seal replacement in eight hours. Repair begining at 8:00 AM and customer driving home at 5:00 PM including an oil change. This is one of the very few tools in your tool box that will absolutely more than pay for itself every time you use it.                                                                           

   Thanks for your continued support

     Rick R 




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