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new prices

Posted by Rick Ramsey on November 16, 2019. 13 Comments

Replacement tools are arriving. Due to increased costs its necessary to increase our prices. We have managed to hold prices to a 14% increase rounded to the nearest dollar. We appreciate your business and your understanding. 

Thank You!

Rick Ramsey



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More Inventory has arrived and more engines added....

Posted by Rick Ramsey on May 25, 2017. 0 Comments

All tools are back in stock.

Recently we learned that the N62/N63 tool has been successfully used on many more engine repairs than it was originally designed for and include the following: BMW N52, M54, S52, S54, S85; N13 Peugeot Engine (used in the Mini Cooper); and all Subaru 16 valve 4 cylinder engines. If you know of more engines ( or have used it to repair others, please let us know.)




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N63 is here! (and special thanks to our customers)

Posted by Rick Ramsey on May 17, 2016. 1 Comment

I would like to thank everyone for their support and patience during the production phase of the updated N62/N63 compact automotive tool.

Special thanks goes to Brian Stolpa (an east coast technician) who initially asked for an N63 tool and provided the cylinder head to use for fittings. Brian also spread the word about the N62 and upcoming N63 on BMW technician forums and at BMW training sessions. Thank you Brian!~

Another special thank you goes to Jim Dvorak (on the west coast). Jim has been a very strong supporter of the  the Compact Double automotive tool and has shared this information with the BMW technical community. Thanks Jim!~

Brief note on increased pricing: We want you to know that machining costs have increased by 45% and this increase is reflected in the new purchase price. (We learned that our local machine shop stayed with their original bid when machining...

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N63 tool.

Posted by Rick Ramsey on February 29, 2016. 0 Comments

 At the request of a dealer technician that has an n62 tool and working closely with him, we have a solution for the n63 engine that is an evolution of the n62 tool. A prototype has been produced and successfully tested orders are piling up. Unfortunately the production cost has gone through the roof and I am forced to search for alternatives to keep things affordable and leading to production delays. We will have a very good alternative to the dealer tool fairly soon, no ratcheting wrenches required. Thanks for your patience. 

  Rick R


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moving right along

Posted by Rick Ramsey on March 01, 2015. 0 Comments

Hello everyone, things are moving along and sales are picking up. I have recently connected with an old friend and colleague from our dealership days. For those that know him, it is Henry Truong, for those that don't know him you should. He is a good guy, a loyal friend and a great salesman. He has been immersed in the BMW culture for many years first as a technician then through management. Henry will be the West Coast distributor for us [ along with handling his other commitments].                            The Compact double valve  spring compressor is being well received and one of the purchasers states he can easily do the valve seal replacement in eight hours. Repair begining at 8:00 AM and customer driving home at 5:00 PM including an oil change. This is one of the very...

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First Post

Posted by Rick Ramsey on October 05, 2014. 3 Comments

It is my hope that this blog will be useful for talking about your experience with the Compact Double tool. I am interested in your observations and your questions. Specifically it would be helpful to know about the vehicles millage, success of the repair, and if any problems were encountered. This information will be useful in assessing informed recommendations for repairs on future vehicles.
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