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New Compact Double Valve Spring Compressor for N62, N63, Mini N14 and several additional engines including BMW, Peugeot, Subaru and others with 4 valves per cylinder. See Description.

The packaged tool has a removable high density foam insert with an optional adhesive backing for your tool box.

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My name is Rick Ramsey, I have enjoyed a great career as a BMW technician, service advisor, service manager and independent European car technician with certifications in ASE, BMW, and Ferrari. In September 2013, I was persuaded to help a friend replace the valve guide seals on his 2006 BMW 550i (smoking like ...) at 60,000 miles. Researching everything available on the web, I concluded the best course of action was to purchase a universal valve spring compressor.
The first step in this project is often Engine removal, yet working in a small home garage meant this was not an option. The universal valve spring compressor didn’t work well for this repair and the project evolved into the definition of Murphy’s Law. Still, I struggled through bank one {passenger side} and cylinders five and six before deciding there had to be a better way. Working from my tool bench I designed a small, effective device which allowed the project to be finished smoothly and quickly. The success of this invention initiated development, refining and  patent pending status for the “Compact Double”. I am pleased to offer a well made professional tool freeing both hands to work while saving you significant time and money.